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The company

We are a team with 84 years of experience in association management. Our goal is to ensure the utmost flexibility for the clients and their needs with the knowledge that our clients mostly in the OR and saving lifes.

Iliopoulos Mike web.jpg
Mike Iliopoulos

Mike has worked for 20 years in the scientific congress and association business. In 2014 he founded Twister Consulting Ltd. to fulfill his vision of a client-centric approach, which in big companies is impossible to offer.

Storz Chris Web.jpg
Chris Storz

Scientific Director

Chris is our boss for the scientific program of the ISS/SIC; working for the ISS/SIC for over 25 years and knows everybody and knows everything about ISS. 

Birgit Amend
Office / Marketing Communication

Birgit worked in the AMC in the field of Neuroradiology and gathered knowledge about it, which she uses as the angle point in communication and marketing for ESMINT. 

Foto Laurie.jpg
Laurie Lazaro

Marketing / Communication

Laurie is responsible for Marketing and communication for the ISS/SIC.

Anna Pollastro

Staff member

Laurie is handling our membership communication, and that means worldwide. 

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